Introduction – Why is Red-Pilling Difficult?

The human mind loves new and titillating information about the world.  Give us photos of deep sea creatures, bizarre tales of suicide cults, behaviorists living among apes, spindle-necked and plate-lipped tribes, zoos and museums and circuses and freak shows.

But we find it harder to discard information long known and beliefs deeply held.  On relocation, the sports fan needs years to change allegiance, if ever.  Rolls Royce is quintessential British luxury, never mind that it’s designed and engineered in Germany.  Pluto is still a planet somehow, even if it’s not.

Social creatures, humans are constantly compelled to conform to our peer groups.  The referee attempts impartiality, but nevertheless blows his whistle for the home team.  There’s no safeguard to prevent his subconscious from flowing with the cheers and jeers of the crowds.   We invest in fashion to showcase individuality, but only within extremely narrow confines determined by peer groups.  The attorney doesn’t wear chains, and the biker doesn’t wear a necktie.

Human minds recoil from that which we disgust or fear.  Horror film gore makes us turn away.  When fictional TV rapists approach their prey, women at home cry, “Change the channel!”  The esteemed friend of a Nigerian prince, once divested of half his savings, may refuse to be disabused of fantasy even as people around him scream the truth.  His mind refuses to accept the terrifying reality that he’s been defrauded, humiliated, and ruined, even as he wires his remaining wealth to scoundrels across the globe.

Reading this document may eventually create a desire to “swallow the red pill.”  You would accept yourself the victim of a large-scale, horrendous fraud, and face terrifying uncertainty.  You would reject the wisdom of all of your peers, and be perceived a Dale Gribble.  You would give up long-held faith in media brands, in political parties, in politicians, entertainers, and journalists who have gained your trust through decades.   Your mind would have to swim against the three great currents of routine, peer pressure, and horror.

Most people will not seriously consider swallowing that pill.  For those who do, the way path requries logic and evidence.  Evidence exists in abundance, but it is hard to find.  Knowledge is blacked out by mass media, censored from search engines, deleted from forums, and banned on social media by algorithms and armies of censors.  If you do find a conspiracy forum, you must weed through massive disinformation spewed out from large-scale, well-funded psy-ops campaigns. When you find them, most active communities are well advanced in their discussions; they are not geared towards helping newbies catch up.

This blog exists to help people catch up.  I’ve collated the most informative and best corroborated sources, in my opinion.  I’ve written analytical sections that take known and widely trusted sources, and then construct logical bridges to understand evidence that otherwise seems fantastical.  I want to help readers find good information, and to have enough perspective to make their own decisions.  And I’ve done a full review, so that readers can receive information in a logical order, and have common questions answered without having to scour the dirty depths of the web.


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