Chapter 8 – Pizzagate Redux

Finally, we come to the scandal that really began opening peoples’ eyes and red-pilling them to what is going on around us.  It hit before the social media companies were prepared to cover up and censor scandals, so word spread rapidly.  On the other hand, the scandal’s shocking, incomprehensible nature led many people to dismiss it.

I’ve been working backwards in time, from QAnon towards pizzagate.  We’ve begun to understand media fraud.  We know Satanism exists, and are beginning to understand it.  We see that elite pedophile rings seem to exist, and that they have been covered up.  We know that the Clinton’s are co-travelers with a child pimp, and that they provide legal and diplomatic support to international kidnappers.  We have learned about a vast shadow government that operates outside the law.  We’ve seen that the Clinton Foundation’s dealings in Haiti strike eerie similarities to the way nations in Southeastern Europe were turned into perpetually impoverished prostitute farms.

We are finally ready to begin to understand Pizzagate.

How the Story Broke

The spark was an alleged leaker from the FBI, referred to as FBI-Anon.  Between November 2 and November 4, 2016, he lit the online forum 4chan on fire with explosive allegations that the US Justice Department was massively corrupt.  He claimed that the Clinton Foundation is a front for human trafficking.  He told the mesmerized anon’s that if the full extent of the dirty business were known, it could immediately spark civil war and world war 3.

Motivated internet researchers began scouring John Podesta and Hillary’s emails on Wikileaks.  Within days they found evidence of Satanism and pedophilia.  Most of the incriminating emails used code words, which didn’t take long to decipher.  The most common code word for referencing children was pizza.  A forum was created on reddit with the name pizzagate.  It became the central meeting place for independent researchers to share information.

It was also discovered that Obama, Clinton, and the Podesta brothers had held fundraisers or other events at a dirty-looking, seedy pizza restaurant owned by “JA,” a former lover of David Brock.  It was an oddly low-rent location for such VIP’s.  These top ranking Democrats also held social engagements with the owner of the restaurant.  When the anonymous users looked into the social media accounts of the owner and other people associated with the restaurant, it became abundantly obvious the pizza restaurant was being used as a marketing venue for child trafficking.

There are mountains of evidence.  It is true that each piece of evidence, by itself, is circumstantial and not a smoking gun.  It is also true that a quantity of circumstantial evidence is sufficient to surpass standards of reasonable doubt in a court of law.  It is beyond a reasonable doubt that these people were involved in child trafficking, and that an investigation should have been immediately opened.  These traffickers appeal to perverts and sadists, not to people looking to adopt orphans.

Further research indicated that seedy pizza restaurants may be pedophile gathering points worldwide.  Another pizza restaurant, next door to the first one, appeared to be a tiny kitchen with the rest of building apparently housing prostitutes including children.  It has a one-way mirror which is common in whorehouses but rare in pizza restaurants, and a known pedophile advertising logo unmistakably embedded within the restaurant’s logo.  Shockingly, that restaurant had been formerly owned by DOJ employee Andrew Kline of the human trafficking unit.  Another DOJ employee involved in human trafficking, Arun Rao, had been tagging many of the same Instagram pictures of small children that “JA” had been tagging – apparently in an effort to market them to their Instagram friends!

The Cover-up

Needless to say, no media outlet reported on this story.

In the early stages of the scandal, before it was being widely disseminated, the mainstream news media began hammering on the term “fake news.”  Why would the news media, themselves purveyors of fake news, take the risk of introducing this new term and concept into the American lexicon?  By popularizing this term, they risked exposing themselves.  Most likely, the reason is that they were desperate to discredit this story and stop its spread.


credit TheFortress

By the time most Americans saw the term pizzagate, on twitter, facebook, or elsewhere, they had already been “warned” by the news media about the proliferation of fabricated information presented as news.  Next arrived the hit-pieces, which labeled pizzagate specifically as fake news, without providing evidence that it was false.

On November 22, 2016, Reddit deleted the entire pizzagate forum without warning or archival.  On November 24, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted to shadow editing of user comments without moderator or user permission, and without notification.  Since then, they have deleted conspiracy forum after conspiracy forum without archival, effectively destroying crowd-sourced research into government corruption.

My primary source for this account of Pizzagate’s development is a blog written by a female American graduate student.  Her blog was specifically declared “fake news” by Veterans Today, and on 11/27 her twitter account was locked out.  This is ironic because by 11/21, reddit users 0hour and Eclipse_OW had found literally thousands of twitter accounts with actual child porn.  Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned for saying mean things, and a blogger exposing government corruption was locked out, but thousands of illegal pedophile accounts had been operating with impunity.

In the next month, the pizzagate hit-pieces proliferated, similar to the QAnon hit pieces we are seeing now.  Pretty soon, social networking giants were filtering hashtag keywords and censoring the spread of information.  Besides containing awareness of pizzagate, it also allowed them to more fully censor opinions that were favorable to Trump, helping to control favorability ratings.  (After more than a year of the secret war, Trump took action on this front by hacking twitter; at midnight on the night of 4/12/2018, twitter once again began allowing forbidden hashtags to be seen.  This has surely been reverted by now.)

Of course, the news media and “fact-check” web sites continue to maintain that pizza is not a code word for abusing children.  The claim would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

There was a shooting incident at the DC pizza restaurant on December 4, 2016.  Somehow, the gunman carried a long-barreled rifle past armed security and fired multiple rounds, without anybody getting hurt.  That scenario is beyond far-fetched.  The media narrative on the matter is summed up by the following headline: “What is Pizzagate?  This Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory Led to a Shooting…”   What a nice polemic about how reading unofficial information endangers innocent lives.  Friends don’t let friends say “Pizzagate.”

DC Police publicly declared that they found the allegations related to the pizza restaurant to be false.  Video evidence of these lies has been deleted from YouTube.  Then on December 22, a Freedom of Information Act discovered that no investigation had ever been opened.

For an excellent review of how the Deep State’s Internet companies censor information, check out voat pizzagate’s page Why Googling Pizzagate is Useless.

More recently, NeonRevolt managed to expose the behind-the-scenes of disinformation operations against QAnon here and here. The enemy’s psychological operations are coordinated, sophisticated, and well-funded – the chat room shown had over four hundred participants.

I found it interesting that the internal document described how the shills were supposedly interrupting the process of conspiracy theorists becoming violent.  Perhaps some of the people operating in the disinformation campaign don’t realize that they are on the wrong side, and they somehow believe they are preventing violence by spreading lies.  If so, it would be a damning critique of education that people are so stupid.  On the other hand, perhaps that document is meant as a cover-your-ass justification in case the psychological ops are discovered.

QAnon has hinted that many of the shills were working out of Armenia.  The recent Armenian revolution may have shutdown some of the disinformation campaigns.

Podesta the Molesta

John Podesta was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and Democratic National Committee Chairman during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  Mr. Podesta is not ashamed of being a cannibal.  In fact he flaunts his degeneracy in Democratic Party offices and brags about it to national magazines!  From Time Magazine we learn, “On the wall in his office at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters… John Podesta has an oil painting… The image shows two men hunched over a dining room table…On the table lays a man in a suit… ‘It’s better to be the guy with the fork,’ Podesta quips…’than the guy on the table.’”

And the image is posted on Politico

We also discover from WikiLeaks that Abramovic and Tony Podesta (John’s brother) invited him to join their “spirit cooking” session.   Spirit cooking involves creating “aphrodisiacs,” so sex would likely be involved.  The recipes include blood, breast milk, semen, urine etc.  Some sources say that it originates from Crowley’s Cake of Light ritual.  It may be intended as a fertility ceremony to conceive children blessed by demons.  If you search around, people will say it is harmless art, but Abramovic stated on her reddit AMA that “If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is art. If you are doing it in a different context, in spiritual circles or in private houses or on TV shows, it is not art.

Without getting into emails that involve too many code words, let’s examine how Tamera Luzatto jazzes up her barbecues when she has a VIP like John Podesta on the guest list.  She goes out of the way to provide entertainment by giving him free reign to frolic in swimming pools with children representing several different age groups:

“We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

People don’t typically refer to their friends as Uber Services.  People don’t typically call Ubers or Taxis to come pick up their small children.  If a friend transports your children, you say she is a driver or a carpool.  I surmise that Uber Service is a code word.

Is the Question How Many Are Satanists? Or How Many Aren’t Satanists?

WikiLeaks also presents us with a Hillary Clinton email, forwarded to her along with many other of Hillary’s staff in 2009.  The email is punctuated with the following joke: “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .” This is a joke that means the author is hoping for good luck.  Among pedophiles, chicken is a code word for a baby or male child.  Satanists will understand that Moloch is an ancient god known for receiving human sacrifice of children.  This joke is in poor taste.

The fact that this message was forwarded among eight high level people among Hillary’s staff, and to Hillary herself, makes you wonder how many Satanists are there in government.  Do they just naturally understand the context of jokes that require specific knowledge of demonic worship and pedophile code words?  Is there no chance a single person on the email chain would be appalled and offended?  Or do people see stuff like that and know to keep their mouth shut?  WTF was going on in Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

The Art in Embassies Connection to Global Pedophilia Rings

JA, the owner of the pizza restaurant, also owned two museums.  One of those museums was completely private, with even its location hidden until the pizzagate sleuths figured it.  Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother, owned a top DC lobbying firm, and has spent millions on his art collection.  According to the Washington Post, his art includes “documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers“, as well as a sculpture of a decapitated, emaciated corpse in his front lobby, and images of dead or abused children in his living room.



Pizzagate researchers discovered that both of these men are members of the Foundation for Art and Preservation of Embassies program, which gives them advantages in passing customs when they transport art internationally.  Modern art happens to be a common way to launder money.  We’re getting a picture of a scheme where a customer buys a piece of burnt toast, “modern art”, for a million dollars.  Then the seller uses the art in embassies program to ship the piece of toast along with some number of humans.

The FAPE program also includes Rockefellers, Annenbergs, the Negropontes (the pedophiles exposed by Shimatsu), the Estee Lauder family, John Kerry and Meryl Streep.  Jeff Koons, accused of child abuse by his ex-wife, has also been seen at a FAPE event.

Over time, the pizzagate research unraveled more and more connections, and the scandal exploded into something much larger, which is named pedogate.  If you really want to see all the pizzagate details, including looking into the eyes of infants who are, quite possibly, murdered by now, here are some pizzagate links.  DC Pizzagate: A Primer, voat pizzagate’s Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence



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