Chapter 9 – Pedogate


When Trump took office, human traffickers began dropping like flies.  As stated earlier, sealed indictments have been stacking up beyond historical proportions.  The general picture that we can build is that pizzagate and Trump’s elections turned directly into a little-publicized secret war on pimps and pedophiles, pursuing low and mid-level human traffickers.  I find it commendable that Trump preferred to save the captive children rather than immediately expose his political opponents.

Presumably Trump would like to know the full extent of the corruption.  Obama and the Clintons are important people, but they may not be the only heads of the snake.  It might be a hydra, growing two new heads for each one removed.  So working up from the bottom up through human traffickers, while also working top-down through the intelligence agencies, he seems to be building an enormous case against tens of thousands of criminals nationally, while coordinating that with an international strategy.

In this chapter we survey the war on pedophiles and human traffickers.

Trump’s Trump Card: Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Liz Crokin, TruePundit, Erik Prince(Founder of Blackwater), and others reported in November 2016 that anonymous NYPD officers and chiefs leaked details from their Weiner investigation.  They claim massively incriminating emails and videos on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  The videos are reported to include Hillary Clinton horrifically killing a child, and the emails detail a multitude of serious crimes by her State Department.

Reportedly, this was the reason that Comey publicly reopened the investigation into Hillary’s emails in late October.  The NYPD officers threatened to publicly release everything if he did not.

If true, this would have given Trump an immediate windfall in the legal and intelligence battle, and the ability to start recruiting cooperating witnesses and double-agents.  Abedin and Weiner may be cooperating witnesses.  Abedin grew up in Saudi Arabia, and she may have been forced into an espionage role from a young age.  If she did have intelligence connections, she may have helped unravel the government mafia in Saudi Arabia.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson seems to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of the snuff film.

Taking Down the Networks

                In 2016 Obama’s DOJ, led by such experts in human trafficking as Arun Rao and Andrew Kline, managed to make only 400 arrests.  Not a high number, despite their ingenious sting operations which included owning child whorehouses and tagging dozens of marketable infants on Instagram.

Trump’s DOJ kicked off 2017 with thousands of arrests in the first months, continued strong all year including arresting celebrities and eleven mayors, and has recently taken down, formerly the largest online marketplace for pimps to market humans in the world.  According to Liz Crokin, it ran sites in 943 locations in 97 countries, and it was involved in 73% of all child trafficking cases reported to NCMEC.

Interestingly, Backpage had been operating with impunity for years.  The employees of Backpage even edited out the published ages of underage sex slaves and re-posted the ads!  During that time the CEO of Backpage was working for the FBI, and received an honorary FBI award from Robert Mueller.  WTF was going on in the Obama DOJ?!

Among the previously unimaginable 24,500 sealed indictments at courts around our nation, we can only guess that many more people involved in human trafficking are among them.  As we continue to fight this problem nationally, we pray the momentum generated in our nation may carry over to this issue worldwide.

Were Any Journalists Doing their Jobs?

There are a lot of non-mainstream outlets who have brought bits and pieces out as they were available:  TruePundit, Infowars, Newsmax,  Breitbart, TheFreeThoughtProject, and many others.

One journalist even named John Podesta’s as a ringleader in 2011.


In March 2012, Mr. Breitbart died of heart failure at the age of 43.  RIP

Former congressman Cynthia McKinney is the only congressman I know of who spoke openly on the subject.  In 2005 congressional hearings, she called out Dyncorp’s human trafficking and asked Donald Rumsfeld in 2005, “Is it policy of the US Government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?”  It’s a hypothetical question, of course.  It was the policy.  The relevant section is the first minute.


The Democratic Party rewarded Ms. McKinney for her bravery by financing primary opponents and removing her from office.

General Flynn was tweeting about pizzagate when he was targeted by Mueller’s probe and forced out of the administration.  Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) sponsored bills to target human trafficking in 2017.  Then he was shot,  narrowly surviving the  assassination attempt during  a congressional baseball game.

Liz Crokin is a long time journalist whose columns were regularly published on  Townhall is a popular publisher of conservative jounarlism and editorials.  In early 2017, Ms. Crokin published two articles on human trafficking that went viral and received large numbers of views.  The reward for her journalism was to be banned from the web site.  Those columns are the last two of hers which Townhall ever published.

Some of my friends believe that the problems in journalism relate to their corporate nature, and the fact they must earn profits and print anything which gains attention.  Here, we see the opposite is true.  If Townhall desired profits, they would have encouraged more similar articles.  If any journalistic organization wanted to expand its reach, they would have immediately hired Liz Crokin, and received the benefits of publishing scoops on a subject that the public is interested in.  Of course, if a news organization was committed to exposing the truth, they would have done the same thing.

News organizations are not profit-centric, nor truth-centric.  They will shut down journalists and stories that are both true and profitable.  Liz Crokin has continued her reporting primarily on her own personal website and YouTube page, unsupported by media organizations.  Crokin was also harassed and threatened, with stalkers hacking into her personal mobile phone, threatening her, and poisoning her dog.

Many other journalists and independent researchers are also posting, but their sites and blogs, like Crokins, are hard to find because of search engine manipulation.

Crokin’s case proves my earlier point.  Conservative news outlets exist primarily to engage in rhetorical football, and are not interested in exposing corruption.  Exceptions exist, such as Breitbart and The Free Thought Project.

American Foster Home Horror Stories

If the Child Protective Services and the foster care system were corrupted, then the state could be a vehicle of delivering children directly to the hands of pimps.  Foster parents could sell the children to pimps, or human traffickers could arrange to kidnap children from foster homes.  According to Newsweek, this may be the reality:

“In a 2013 FBI 70-city nationwide raid, 60 percent of the victims came from foster care or group homes. In 2014, New York authorities estimated that 85 percent of sex trafficking victims were previously in the child welfare system.

“In 2012, Connecticut police rescued 88 children from sex trafficking; 86 were from the child welfare system. And even more alarming: the FBI discovered in a 2014 nationwide raid that many foster children rescued from sex traffickers, including children as young as 11, were never reported missing by child welfare authorities.

“…I have seen all of this up close as an attorney who represents children abused in foster and group home care—including those who ended up in the clutches of pimps.”

NCMEC statistics say there were about 18,500 “endangered runaways” in 2016.  There is obviously no way to know how many of them ended up in sex trafficking.  The Newsweek article published in January this year, even though the data is coming from 2012 and 2013 reports.  Why was there a five year delay between the alarming findings, and having it published in national magazines?

I have a sense that discussion of foster care has come about this year because of pedogate.  The Kansas City Star reported in October on children missing from the Kansas foster care system.  This has led to a cycle of more stories, studies, transparency reforms, and legislation being passed in both the Missouri and Kansas State legislatures, and it will certainly continue.  I’m aware of that because The Star is my local paper, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find similar things are going on in other states.

Perhaps some journalists know what’s going on, and they are using their grapevine to indicate it’s time to start talking about foster care.  The foster care system is a target for reform that won’t scandalize the highest levels of government.  These problems have been years in the making, and it is encouraging that they are being addressed.  When the tens of thousands of sealed indictments are opened, we will learn more.


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