Chapter 7 – Elite Pedophile Rings

Investigators and whistle-blowers have been warning about elitist pedophile rings for decades.  Is there any evidence of it?  Have there been warning signs that we ignored?

High Profile Busts

Roman Polanski was convicted in absentia of drugging and raping a child.  Despite his fugitive status, European authorities continue to protect him, he still makes movies, and he still gets awards.  All of Hollywood gave him a standing ovation in 2002 when he won the Academy Award for Best Director.  Why is it socially acceptable among filmmakers, Hollywood celebrities, and European courts to protect, reward, and applaud a child rapist?  In 2006 the Academy Awards continued their tradition of promoting rapists and human slavers, when they named Best Original Song It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.  Do the elite of Hollywood exist in a peer group where it’s secretly acceptable to rape women and children?

Dennis Hastert was indicted in 2015 on a number of charges including raping children, after serving as Speaker of the House for eight years.  Is it possible that there is a congressional pedophile ring which helped elect him to power while knowing he is a criminal?

It’s clear clear Jimmy Savile must have had a support network from the sheer number of child victims and the way it was covered up for so long.

Jeffrey Epstein has been convicted of raping and pimping dozens of underage girls.  For these heinous crimes, he served 13 months in a lightly secured facility, which he was able to leave each day to go to work.  Many of America’s elite, both politicians and entertainers, are known to have flown to Little St. James Island on his airplane.  This private island has an occult temple on it.  Many of the young girls were pimped on his airplane and on that island.

Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane to that island 26 times, without secret service escort.

Many people have picked Joe Biden, a well-polling Democrat, to be a likely candidate to run against Trump in the next election.  Would Joe Biden poll so high if the news media informed the public that he likes to molest little girls in front of their parents?


If you don’t trust your own ability to judge those interactions, and if you have a very strong stomach, watch the full video of his interaction with the Gardners and listen to a body language expert describe in detail how the parents are complicit in offering their spawn, how he’s grabbing behind her back where we can’t see, and how the poor girl desperately seeks shelter behind everything and everyone including her kid brother.  If you don’t have a strong stomach, just skip ahead past this video.


Dr. Antony Kidman is Nicole Kidman’s father.  Upon being investigated for being part of an elite pedophile and satanic mind control ring, he fled Sydney to Singapore and was dead within a month.  The allegations of his involvement were long maintained by Fiona Barnett but only recently investigated, in 2015.  Fleeing justice is an indication of guilt.

And of course we have the Catholic pedophile scandal that never ends.  It’s clear at this point that there is a very large pedophile ring among Catholic clergy.   This is apparent not only from the sheer number of abusers, but also the way they are quietly relocated instead of being delivered to the police.  A mass child graveyard at a convent in Ireland may be indicative of rituals carried out over many years.

Bill de Blasio Calls Off the Dogs

The tale of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s story time is an interesting case study on how pedophiles in government blackmail each other.

Secret Pizza Party is a clever book with three meanings.  On the surface it’s a bizarre, creepy children’s story about a raccoon.  The second level is that it teaches children to keep secrets and not talk about orgies.  The third and most important level is that it teaches curious people how to join secret pedophile rings.  A pedophile can give this book to a prospective pervert, inviting him to join.  If the prospect turns out to be a decent person, the pedophile can laugh it off, saying “Oh, I thought it was a normal kid’s book… I picked it out without reading it.”  If the prospect is a pervert, he will take the meaning and the degenerates can begin speaking openly.  (The speaker in the video has not understood the third meaning of the book.)


When a busy man like the mayor of New York City takes time out of his schedule to read books to children, it’s typically an opportunity for photographs which make him look like a good person.  Why would he read them a creepy book, written by reprobates, for reprobates?  Because, according to the very same story with the photos of him reading degenerate children’s stories, “several of de Blasio’s closest aides and allies were recently smacked with subpoenas” as part of a probe into illegal fund-raising.  It seems likely that the offices of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. were infested with pedophiles.  They may have perceived an eyeful of Bill de Blasio publicly proclaiming pedophile pizza parties.  Perhaps they became preoccupied with their own personal freedom.  Past time someone put the brakes on that pesky probe!  Well played, William.

Are the UK Asian Grooming Gangs Given Cover by Pedophiles in Government?

This has always been the suspicion, because each gang that gets uncovered turns out to have been operating for decades.  Police and press are specifically accused of covering up the degree of the problem: 1700+ enslaved girls in Rotherham, over 1000 in Telford, and several others.

A connection is also indicated by the extreme measures the UK government has taken to silence and discredit Tommy Robinson and the EDL.

We may have found the first concrete evidence of a link between the grooming gangs and government as several Telford area officials have been convicted for assaulting children, including the chair of Social Services.

High Profile Cover-Ups in History

High level pedophile rings use connections in law enforcement, judicial systems, and the press to avoid prosecution and exposure.  Some scandals do occasionally slip through the cracks into public knowledge, although justice is never served.

Some time between 2009 and 2013, Hillary Clinton’s State Department ordered a halt to investigations of child rape by the US ambassador to Belgium.  This was also featured on NBC News.

While investigate child brothels in Cambodia and Thailand in 2012, Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu discovered links to Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab and the brother of John Negroponte, former US ambassador to the UN.

In the 1980’s, the Catholic Church cooperated with Lawrence King to convert the Boys Town orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska into a child whorehouse, including flying boys to DC to service politicians.  The victims were brutally tortured.  The cover-up included murdering witnesses, coercing news media, threatening the victims with murder, and imprisoning the victims.  The media labeled it a hoax.  In 1993, the Discovery Channel commissioned a documentary Conspiracy of Silence which was ironically silenced.  The corporate ownership ordered cancellation during editing.  The linked video is a nearly completed studio edit.


The Dutroux affair rocked Belgium starting in 1996.  Kidnapped, imprisoned, and murdered children in Brussels led investigators to victim testimony of abusive sex rituals involving high level politicians.  The cover-up included swapping out investigators and judges, murdering witnesses, and slandering victims.  Hundreds of thousands joined in the “White March” peaceful protest, but the entrenched pedophile mafia was able to stonewall and outlast public outrage. The excellent investigator who unearthed the conspiracy had his career ruined.  Being the seat of European Union institutions, endemic corruption in Brussels has international implications.  Olenka Frienkel produced a documentary for the BBC.


If you believe that Jews may appreciate Wagner, then you may appreciate this article that describes the Dutroux affair and a description of thirteen methods that the press employs to suppress scandals and defraud the public.

Australia’s also struggling with pedophiles and with cover-ups, since 2002 at least.

In 2014, two young siblings from Hampstead, a wealthy London neighborhood, claimed to have been involved in ritual sex, torture, and murder, at the church and elsewhere.  Eerily similar to the children in Geraldo’s special, the children report being forced to murder other children.  The court dismissed the charges and the media labeled it a hoax.  The police interviews of the children were leaked to YouTube.  They contain over five hours of the children’s disturbing accounts, readily delivered without hesitation, prompting, or inconsistency.

There is scarce English information about an ongoing situation in Lithuania and Chicago. A former member of Lithuanian parliament tried to expose an elite pedophile problem and save her niece.  She and her father are being prosecuted, apparently on false charges.  She fled to Chicago and is fighting extradition.  Recently her son released a video, prompting YouTube to delete it and ban his account.  He’s released two new videos and has a White House petition.  one two

Tommy Robinson’s story is the one in a hundred we get to hear about, because the other ninety-nine caved.  So are these cover-ups the one in a hundred we get to hear about because somebody managed to get the story out, while the other ninety-nine were suppressed.  We can only see the tip of an iceberg.


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