Chapter 5 – The Bankster Scam in Europe, Haiti, and Elsewhere – Charities, NGO’s, Mafia, Corruption, Currency Manipulation and Sex Trafficking

Southeast Europe

An anonymous researcher has compiled an incredibly well-researched and documented account of how western banks, governments, and NGO’s conspired to turn southeast Europe into a mafia-run hell-hole where children are sold and women forced into prostitution.  It’s remarkable he was able to piece it together from so many disparate online records.  Here is the summary in his words:

Communist countries get overthrown by Soros-backed globalists that install puppet heads of state. The IMF blackmails these now-broke countries into accepting many laws, namely privatizing and decentralizing every sector (including child care). The puppet president accepts this aid which is akin to a payday loan scam. This action promptly sends the economy into a downward spiral and people become poor. These same globalists (many of whom are likely pedos) sit aboard “charities,” who then accept tons of aid money to overhaul the local laws. Once all of the marketable healthy babies are sold at a high price, the foreign heads of these “charities” then wine and dine corrupt, low-salaried local officials with who are dying to make extra money, and both parties squander a shit-ton of aid money, (little of which ultimately goes to the kids). They also send local government officials on lavish trips to Italy, and invite “businessmen” from the community to “come and spend time with the kids.” In tandem with said local officials, they develop a “de-institutionalization scheme,” which really means introducing a foster care program and building small “family-centric” homes where one person watches 10 or so kids. In conflict regions, the Trusts manages reallocating the refugees.


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EveryChild is a Child Trafficking Front Part 18 (Links to parts 1-17)

Part 19 – need links



The scary thing about the last section is that it was not only about Eastern Europe.  Section 6 explained how this is a pattern that occurred in waves: “The first wave of trafficking was Thai and Philippino; second, Ghana and Nigeria; third, Columbia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.”  Eastern Europe became the fourth wave, and it seems that Haiti was next up on the list.  From the Overview:

In fact, Save the Children is another big fish: It ties in more with the American establishment… but given its size, there was too much “noise” in the data despite running identical objectives and missions as Everychild. But if you believe anything of what I write here, this is THE next place to look—it’s who Clinton tied up with for their children-related work in Haiti, which we all know stole tons of money (and I argue, children).

For anyone that missed Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash in 2016, it’s time to catch up.  Of course, every American should know that the Clintons sold our foreign policy and Uranium to the highest bidder.  Of relevance here, it documents how they never built the homes they raised money for.


Besides the Clinton Foundation’s two billion dollar disappearing act, the Red Cross lost five hundred million, and many other “charities” were involved.  Oxfam employees are raping children and forcing them to engage in bestiality. (“Caligula orgy” is a euphemism.)   The primary contribution of the UN seems to have been to start a cholera epidemic.  Many believe the cholera was intended, so that the thousands of dead could have their well-preserved organs removed and sold for profit.

The scope and the details of the corruption have not been documented by the fraudulent news media, but we do have this tidbit.  The Clinton’s worked overtime to cover up the trafficking of 33 children, and to nullify Laura Silsby’s prosecution.  Many of these children were not orphans.  Some were bought from their parents, others were kidnapped.  Hillary’s WikiLeaks emails show the original goal had been to kidnap 100 children.

The cover is that they were going to find orphans and build an orphanage.  But you don’t take children across borders when funds for the orphanage haven’t even been raised, much less construction started, and they aren’t even orphans.  The destination was a rented hotel in the Dominican Republic.  As stated above, the Dominican Republic is already a center for human trafficking, and the children could have more easily entered the marketplace from there.  The kidnapper and international child trafficker Laura Silsby, having escaped justice thanks to the Clintons, changed her name to Laura Graylor and became a vice president for alertsense, a company that sells emergency alert systems to governments, including Amber Alert notifications. You can’t make this stuff up.  If the reward for kidnapping children, getting arrested, scandalizing and shaming our country is to be promoted to Vice President of Marketing, I wonder what would have been the reward for successful delivery.

Human trafficking was only part of the picture of course.  Stealing and laundering aid money is an important goal in itself.  The corrupt, indebted government imposed upon Haiti will be compelled to sell off its gold deposits.  Human rights lawyer Ezili Danto explains how the “charity-industrial complex” is a front for UN military occupation under the direction of the Clinton Foundation.


There is irony that the only way I was able to hear from Ms. Danto is through Russia’s news channel. Supposedly Russia has a controlled media and supposedly we have a free media.  It’s also ironic that the RT host was so skeptical about Danto’s claims considering that Russia banned NGO’s in 2015, and ended foreign adoptions of Russian children in 2012 out of fear for the children’s safety.  As have countries around the world.



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