Chapter 4 – QAnon’s Secret War – The Biggest Story in History which the Media Hides from You

Since October 28 of 2017, President Trump’s top staff have been posting on the message board with the signature “Q,” representing the highest level of security clearance in the US government.  It is like his second, unofficial twitter account.

He’s been dropping bombshells, one after another.  Many of the bombshells have already proven true.  But even if all the rest are a complete lie, the fact that Trump is making these shocking accusations would be massively newsworthy.  The news media failing to inform the public is evidence of fraud by omission.  Actually, the media has informed the public, only they misinformed, as usual.  See the hit-pieces in the Washington Post and New York Times.

Mr. Trump has confirmed the authenticity of QAnon a dozen times in many ways.  My personal favorite was by changing his jersey number from the traditional 45 for his presidency, to 17 for the letter Q.


Besides the trivial confirmations, we also have the significant ones.

  • The general level of hysteria in the media and slander towards Trump is proof. If you don’t know about the secret war, it would be preposterous.  When you realize that all those slandering him are either facing jail time, or working for someone who will face jail time, it makes sense.  And all will be exposed for the frauds that they are.
  • 24,500 Sealed Indictments as of April 12. The typical number is apparently 1,000 a year.  Sealed indictments are used against organized crime, to allow enforcement to continue pursuing connections.
  • The Saudia Arabian coup, which Q Anon predicted. This is part of Trump’s world-wide strategy to fight the globalist mafia: Saudi Arabia->USA->Asia->Europe->Israel.  Let it not be said he lacks ambition.
  • The number of congressional Republicans who are not seeking reelection. Trump states that these congressman were compromised and have taken the easy way out by not seeking re-election.
    • Bob Corker. Charlie Dent. Jeff Flake. Lynn Jenkins. Sam Johnson. Raul Labrador. Frank LoBiondo. Tim Murphy. Most recently Paul Ryan.  (Trey Gowdy?  Say it ain’t so..)

QAnon does admit that he provides some disinformation to confuse his enemies, but generally he has been pretty reliable.  Here’s a sampling of the bombshells that QAnon has dropped.

  • On the tarmac Bill Clinton persuaded Loretta Lynch not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. In exchange, Lynch would receive a Supreme Court nomination.
  • ISIS and North Korea, and possibly Iran, have been receiving support from the corrupt shadow government, i.e. the CIA. The shadow government likes war.
  • There is a Republican congressman who is so evil we can’t say his name. Use noname or mcstain.  The patriots in the secret war are referred to as wizards and warlocks.
  • 70% of congress is corrupt. Nearly all Democrats and many Republicans.  Many enter congress with modest means, and within a year or two they have multi-million dollar estates.
  • Every president has been corrupt since JFK, except Reagan.
  • Election fraud is common via computer voting machines.
  • The “big 3” of the worldwide network of mafias and corrupt governments are led by Saudi Arabia (now in disarray), Rothschilds, and Soros.
  • Trump’s biggest ally is the military. He also points us to his recent executive orders which include
    • Changes to military tribunals.
    • A restatement of an earlier order, which allows that the military shall be used against enemies of the state wherever they are.
    • This indicates he may use the military to arrest and prosecute the mafia, if too much of our nation’s enforcement and judicial systems are compromised.
  • Social media companies are CIA fronts to spy on and control the population.
    • The Pentagon’s LifeLog project was cancelled the same time as Facebook’s founding.
  • The pope is a bad guy.
  • Obama would get around restrictions of spying on American citizens by having Five Eyes countries do the spying, then share the intelligence.  The favors are likewise returned.  Five Eyes are USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Obama implanted allied country’s espionage equipment into the White House, and also a weapon of some kind.
  • Alison Mack, facing charges for her involvement with sex cult NXIVM, revealed that Obama and a very young blonde have had an ongoing relationship since she was ten at least.  Her nickname is “Wendy.”

QAnon writes cryptically.  I don’t recommend attempting to read his posts directly.  My favorite blogger to explain Q posts is

On 4/13/2018, Trump managed to get Twitter to stop censoring certain keywords and asked followers of QAnon to start a meme war.  This indicates he wants the public to wake up, so he can escalate the secret war into the public domain.


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