Chapter 2 – Exploring News Media’s Co-option

A lot of people have difficulty wrapping their head around the concept that the mainstream press, such a large institution with so many trusted figures, can maintain an iron wall of deception.  How is it possible?

The CIA was created in 1947.  Starting in the early 1950’s, they began a large-scale program to take over and control our nation’s news media, under Operation Mockingbird.  That operation was exposed in 1967, and declared shut down.  Many have claimed that Operation Mockingbird was never shut down, including CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp (see the next section).

Intelligence agencies will always attempt to co-opt or infiltrate their adversaries, and news media are a natural adversary to government.  The press is supposed to expose corrupt practices and misdeeds everywhere, including the CIA.  Even if you could somehow “cancel” Operation Mockingbird, the CIA would still have a desire to take over the news media.  That desire will exist among all intelligence agencies, for all news sources, throughout the world.

The only way to stop this from happening is careful oversight to prevent it.  That kind of oversight does not exist.  Congress can’t even get documents from the FBI, much less the CIA. Operation Mockingbird, the systematic takeover of our nation’s media by the CIA, really existed, and continues to exist, and it will continue to exist unless somebody takes serious measures to stop it.

Many people can’t conceive of how the CIA, or any other organization, could secretly dominate the entire landscape of news and information.  I think people underestimate the abilities of secret organizations with nearly unlimited resources that operate above law, and are even given special privileges to manipulate the law.  They have many powerful ways to co-opt other organizations.  Let’s explore the concepts and practices of co-option.

Examples of Co-option

First, consider a couple examples of co-option.  In the 1960’s, the FBI began a covert and illegal war against the Black Panther radical movement under the aegis of COINTELPRO.  They did so by co-opting The United Slaves, a more radical and more anti-white organization.  The FBI then used the United Slaves to fight a proxy war against the Black Panthers.  This is well documented.  Here is Maoist International’s diplomatic phrasing: “Carter and Huggins’ apparent killer was Claude ‘Chuchessa’ Hubert, although George and Larry Stiner were arrested for the crime. All three were members of the cultural nationalist US organization led by Ron ‘Maulana’ Karenga. It is unclear whether Hubert, the Stiners, and Karenga were knowing agents of FBI-Cointelpro, accidental agents, or some combination of the two.”

For a more recent example, we can consider the case of Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defense League.  He began an awareness campaign about the Muslim grooming gangs which have been raping and prostituting under-age British girls in the slums of England for decades, while the police and press turned a blind eye.  Several such gangs have turned up, each responsible for raping and prostituting thousands of girls.  One girl’s account has been published in the book Please, Let Me Go.  The British government began a large multi-agency campaign to co-opt Mr. Robinson for military intelligence, or else to silence him.  They fabricated evidence, held him in jail on false charges which were later dropped, released him on bail with ridiculous bail conditions having nothing to do with the alleged crimes, and set him up to be hurt or murdered in prison by leaving him vulnerable to the violent Muslim gangs he was exposing.  The years-long campaign ruined him financially and damaged him emotionally, and during his stints in jail the EDL became increasingly radicalized and racist.  Mr. Robinson disavows racism.

Tommy Robinson has accounted these dirty dealings in a speech on the British Police State.  That speech was originally going to be given for a large audience at Oxford University, until intelligence agencies set him up on phony assault charges, holding him past the speech date, and then creating bail conditions which took away his free speech rights.  Every time he was released from jail, he was approached by intelligence services and given an option to become their puppet.  All of this happened in the U.K., a “free” Western democracy.

Military Intelligence failed to co-opt Tommy Robinson, but his story illustrates that 99% of people would have caved under that kind of pressure.  Those 99% are stories that we will not hear.

Mechanisms of Co-option

The government doesn’t need to co-opt every single member of an organization.  It only needs the leadership.  It’s even easier to co-opt corporations, compared to political groups.  Corporate executives are not ideological in nature.  And there is an extra tool in the handbag, which is to manipulate ownership.  The four main methods of co-option would be enticement, coercion, envelopment, and elimination, and in addition corporations are susceptible to change of ownership.

Enticement is the proverbial carrot in all its forms.  It’s a bag of money on your doorstep every so often.  Other perks may include favorable press coverage, press blackouts of scandals, effective immunity from legal prosecution of all crimes, and access to trafficking networks that cater to any perverted taste.  Finally, there is the possibility of advancement within a secret mafia.

Coercion is the proverbial stick.  Blackmail is an effective long-term means to control a puppet.  Death threats are obviously effective, as are threats against family members.  You also have abuse of the law: civil suit harassment (lawfare), selective prosecution for harmless infractions, trumped-up charges and planted evidence, IRS persecution, etc.  Coercion applied to one individual or organization, may create fear in many other people, who will more readily submit to co-option.  One murdered journalist silences hundreds.

Envelopment is my term for the practice of filling an organization with subversive agents, to the point that the leader is no longer in control of the organization.  Moles may join at the ground level, and attempt to rise.  Or, high-level leaders may be co-opted.  Secret cabals within organizations may gain power quickly, as the members support each other for leadership positions, and work to destroy those outside the cabal.

For an example of how this can work, consider that some conspiracy theorists believe that Reagan was an ignorant puppet.  Being dependent on the support of party establishment to get elected, he was encouraged to surround himself with corrupt figures with long histories in the CIA and the military-industrial complex.  These corrupt lieutenants may have taken actions beyond their authority, or given the president dishonest or partial information.  They could have manipulated the president into decisions that served the interest of the cabal.

Another possible example of envelopment would be if MI6 had hypothetically infiltrated the EDL during Robinson’s jail time.  When he came out, his legendary status still made him the undisputed leader of that club.  But the organization’s nature had drifted far from his desired direction, and the organization became useless to him.  He had to leave and start on his own.

Elimination is any means of removing a leader that can’t be otherwise co-opted.  It can be through murder, coercion that results in the resignation, or any other means.  One example of this is the way that Senator Ted Stevens was forced out of the senate by fraudulent corruption charges.  He later died in a plane crash.  RIP

Another possible example of elimination might be former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.  At the 100th birthday party of his longtime friend and colleague Senator Thurmond, Mr. Lott made some friendly and flattering remarks.  These words were then bizarrely twisted into evidence of racism.  This claim, ridiculous on its face, is even more egregious considering that Democrat Robert “Cyclops” Byrd was serving his second of three stints as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  That role is as coveted as the Majority Leader, because it is able to manipulate all forms of corrupt and wasteful spending while avoiding the scrutiny of Senate leadership.   Is it more racist to say nice things at a 100th birthday party, or to be a recruiter for the Klu Klux Klan, and to earn within that organization the high ranks of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops?  I personally like people who say nice things on birthdays more than I like the leadership of the Klu Klux Klan.

But truth and common sense don’t matter, when you’re able to orchestrate a relentless and unending campaign of public slander through the news media.  Republican rank and file eventually relented, calling for Lott’s resignation.  Lott’s replacement in Senate leadership may have been more amenable to the secret mafia’s demands.  Theoretically, that might have completed a co-option of the Republican Senate faction by the technique of elimination.

These well-known examples are only hypothetical.  I’m illustrating that co-option campaigns can take many forms.  Agents who specialize in subversion are creative enough to find methods we don’t typically think about.

If an intelligence agency managed to co-opt a news media corporation’s executive and boards of directors and advisors, it would likely be permanent.  These groups essentially elect each other, except in cases of shareholder revolts.

Powerful mafia may also apply financial pressure to the press through advertiser boycotts.  Politicians can apply “information boycotts” that can ruin the careers of journalists, who are dependent on access to information to write valuable stories.  The threats and applications of these boycotts may create pressure on journalists to self-censor, and to slant their articles the “correct” way.

Another avenue of co-opting corporations comes from ownership.  Buying a controlling share of the stock of a publicly owned corporation is within the means of the wealthiest people in this world.  It could also be a joint effort among a cartel.  Shareholder votes can then install puppet leadership.

Mergers could wipe out independent companies completely.  Those companies can then be de-mergered at some later point, and seeded with corrupt executives and boards.  Six corporations own 90% of American media.  I am not optimistic that the remaining 10% are independent and uncorrupted.

The 1995 documentary A Noble Lie describes the co-option buyout of Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, the only station which reported on the bombing truthfully: “Channel 4 KFOR-TV did perform it’s duty by reporting on McVeigh’s accomplices, the evidence of prior warnings, and many other aspects of the case.  The New York Times Broadcasting Company purchased KFOR a year after the bombing.  The programming director was fired.  The lead journalist on the bombing, Jaina Davis, was let go.  And all reporting that contradicted the government vanished.” (At 39:40).

Besides the CIA, the news media could also be co-opted through ownership by banking interests, by allies of George Soros, or by someone else.

There are means to gain control of the news media.  There is evidence that the news media are not independent.  Don’t dismiss the evidence.

Examples of News as Propaganda

  • Sheryl Attkisson has exposed the practice of Astroturfing. This presentation should be used in educational settings, where many students are learning to do their research through Wikipedia and other online sources.
  • The DNC is able to orchestrate news media outlets which they term their “press shop”, according to Hillary’s Wikileaks emails.
  • The news media are instructed to use specific phrasing, as seen in the “power through” montage.  The relevant section is 1m30s to 3m00s.
  • Local news stations are not independent. They exist to build trust with viewers and deliver propaganda.


Personal Testimony

I came to the conclusion that the news media were fundamentally fraudulent in 2014.  I did not have access to any particular “red pill.”  At that time, I did not know about Mockingbird, and I had no idea how it could be possible for news media to be fully corrupted.  Nevertheless, I initiated a major lifestyle change, and I completely stopped viewing all forms of political and news opinion.

Many people consider talk radio and Fox News as the voice of opposition to the entrenched corruption.  They are not.  They are a combination of useful idiots and co-opted stooges.  They are generally more sensible than the radical left media, but they endlessly engage in stupid debates and issues, while ignoring the real problems of corruption and fraud.  Perhaps they just don’t have the investigative resources to gather any real information.  (What would honest, truthful reporting look like?  Something like Howie Carr calling for the abolition of the FBI.)

My personal awakening resulted from years of accumulated frustration with the news media. In 2014 there were two things in particular, two straws that broke the camel’s back.  First, was a truly insightful article by Victor Davis Hanson, Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government.  He lists some of the major scandals, for which there were no resignations or repercussions of any kind.  He also describes how statistical data on GDP, unemployment rate, and deportation levels have been manipulated by the government agencies responsible for reporting them.

But Mr. Hanson does not take the next logical step.  The reason that the government can get away with this level of fraud and criminal behavior is that the press does not inform the public of the truth, even when it is public domain information.  Rather, the American press parrots the fraudulent statistics, in an effort to shape a public opinion divergent from reality.  Mr. Hanson should have written an article titled “Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government and News Media.”

Next came an event that forever changed how I perceived the world I live in.  Obama’s health reform became effective, four years after it had been passed into law and available for review.  For four years, conservative media and Republicans had been warning that Americans would lose their existing healthcare plans.  For four years Obama, Democrats, and the media had been calling them liars.  Keep in mind that many of Obama’s thirty-six repetitions of falsehood came after the law was passed.


I fully expected the final revolt of the American public and press.  It should have been clear Obama is a massive fraud, who has been negotiating with the American voters in fundamentally bad faith.

Instead, the journalists treated this as no big deal.  It was just another unfortunate lie that we all have to live with.  At that point, it finally dawned on me that the news media are not independent.  They are corrupt.

I had to personally boycott all forms of mass information in order to maintain my sanity.  Behind an informational iron curtain, I knew that all forms of corrupt practices would certainly be taking place.    And yet I did not have even the slightest notion of how bad things really are.


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