Chapter 1 – The False Flag Red Pill Challenge

Most people will not seriously contemplate any conspiracy which indicates the entire mainstream news media is a massive fraud.  It’s incomprehensible that the purpose of news is not to inform the public, but to misinform it.  Not to expose crimes, but to cover them up.


To conquer the false flag challenge, you must to watch the following five hours of video without wavering in your blue pill certainty.  If you do waver, skip to the next section and heed Denzel: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.  If you do read it, you’re misinformed.”

CNN Re-used Crisis Actor (13:14-19:00) and blue screens (19:00-25:00) .

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Sofia Smallstorm – Unravelling Sandy Hook


Boston Un-Bombing and Orlando Pulse Club (2h51m).

Video of the Orlando event starts at 2:44.  The part after 2:51 is information I will cover in later sections.



Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL

Most of these videos are from CNN.

  • A code red drill was scheduled.
  • “They told us police officers were gonna be firing blanks to scare us, to get us trained for this.”  No drill would ever involve firing blanks inside of a school!
  • “We had rumors going around the school that the police would do a fake code-red with fake guns, not actual guns. But sounding real.”
  • “They told us they were gonna have like fake.. and people being taken away or have them scream or whatever… as a drill.”
  • A female student witness walked out of the building with Cruz, while “a second shooter” was active in a different part of the building. Maybe Cruz wasn’t the shooter at all?

A teacher saw that the shooter appeared to be a policeman, wearing full body armor and facemask.  She asked herself, “Why is the police here?”  Relevant section is :40 to 1:00.

Army people were “yelling at us to keep focus and pay attention ahead… because they didn’t want us to see the bodies that they hid in the corner.  They were putting mats over them so we wouldn’t see them.”  Were the army people  smuggling bodies into the building to stage a scene?  Then, perhaps they realized there were still kids hiding in a closet, and so they hastily attempted to hide the bodies in a corner with mats?  Then they yelled at the kids not to look at the bodies they were hiding?  What planet am I living on where people do stuff like this?


Now let’s take a look at David Hogg.  He and friends were videoing anti-gun rants and shaming legislators apparently during the shooting, while the students were “hiding”.


In a longer clip of that video, he states “this recording was taken at 9:32”, four hours before the shooting.  Daylight in the windows shows it was AM.  (Relevent section is :54-1:05)


At 1:10-1:40 in the next video, David Hogg says that he got his camera and rode his bicycle as fast as he could to school.  Some people have taken that to mean he was at home during the shooting.  I believe he had foreknowledge of the event, and raced to school that morning, anxious to begin the propaganda campaign for which he trained for years.  At 1:55-2:00, his own classmate accused him of being 25 years old.  His father happens to be retired FBI.


Here is a body language expert analyzing an interview of Hogg, on the evening of the shooting.  Ms. Bombard immediately notices that his behavior “is not normal for teenagers.” She states that he has no emotion, perhaps indicative of being a psychopath who has just had “a day at the office.”    “I don’t know what has happened in his life to make him become an adult at four.”

That interview occurred the same day that Hogg’s sister’s two best friends were shot dead.  Hogg maintains his composure and his flair for the dramatic: “We initially thought it was a drill.  It turned out to be anything but.”  “He pulled a fire alarm to get more soft targets, and so we started heading for our designated zone.”  “Little did we know at the time…”  “Luckily for the heroic actions…”  Those are quite the flourishes and stylistic turns of speech!  Those words came from a teenager who has just been massively traumatized?  How does anybody buy this garbage?

And he has campaigned relentlessly for two months!  On April 18, he called for boycotts against Blackrock and Vanguard!  I don’t even know what those companies are or how I would possibly go about boycotting them.  Second semester high school seniors are doing well if they can motivate themselves to get to school by lunchtime.

Ms. Bombard was temporarily suspended from YouTube for making that video.  Ironically, she fully believes and supports the media narrative.  Perhaps it never occurred to her that authorities and news media would be colluding to lie about this man’s identity.

Related, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzimmons began posting opposition to gun control on Facebook, only to become dead at 42.  RIP


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