Introduction – Why is Red-Pilling Difficult?

The human mind loves new and titillating information about the world.  Give us photos of deep sea creatures, bizarre tales of suicide cults, behaviorists living among apes, spindle-necked and plate-lipped tribes, zoos and museums and circuses and freak shows.

But we find it harder to discard information long known and beliefs deeply held.  On relocation, the sports fan needs years to change allegiance, if ever.  Rolls Royce is quintessential British luxury, never mind that it’s designed and engineered in Germany.  Pluto is still a planet somehow, even if it’s not.

Social creatures, humans are constantly compelled to conform to our peer groups.  The referee attempts impartiality, but nevertheless blows his whistle for the home team.  There’s no safeguard to prevent his subconscious from flowing with the cheers and jeers of the crowds.   We invest in fashion to showcase individuality, but only within extremely narrow confines determined by peer groups.  The attorney doesn’t wear chains, and the biker doesn’t wear a necktie.

Human minds recoil from that which we disgust or fear.  Horror film gore makes us turn away.  When fictional TV rapists approach their prey, women at home cry, “Change the channel!”  The esteemed friend of a Nigerian prince, once divested of half his savings, may refuse to be disabused of fantasy even as people around him scream the truth.  His mind refuses to accept the terrifying reality that he’s been defrauded, humiliated, and ruined, even as he wires his remaining wealth to scoundrels across the globe.

Reading this document may eventually create a desire to “swallow the red pill.”  You would accept yourself the victim of a large-scale, horrendous fraud, and face terrifying uncertainty.  You would reject the wisdom of all of your peers, and be perceived a Dale Gribble.  You would give up long-held faith in media brands, in political parties, in politicians, entertainers, and journalists who have gained your trust through decades.   Your mind would have to swim against the three great currents of routine, peer pressure, and horror.

Most people will not seriously consider swallowing that pill.  For those who do, the way path requries logic and evidence.  Evidence exists in abundance, but it is hard to find.  Knowledge is blacked out by mass media, censored from search engines, deleted from forums, and banned on social media by algorithms and armies of censors.  If you do find a conspiracy forum, you must weed through massive disinformation spewed out from large-scale, well-funded psy-ops campaigns. When you find them, most active communities are well advanced in their discussions; they are not geared towards helping newbies catch up.

This blog exists to help people catch up.  I’ve collated the most informative and best corroborated sources, in my opinion.  I’ve written analytical sections that take known and widely trusted sources, and then construct logical bridges to understand evidence that otherwise seems fantastical.  I want to help readers find good information, and to have enough perspective to make their own decisions.  And I’ve done a full review, so that readers can receive information in a logical order, and have common questions answered without having to scour the dirty depths of the web.


Chapter 1 – The False Flag Red Pill Challenge

Most people will not seriously contemplate any conspiracy which indicates the entire mainstream news media is a massive fraud.  It’s incomprehensible that the purpose of news is not to inform the public, but to misinform it.  Not to expose crimes, but to cover them up.


To conquer the false flag challenge, you must to watch the following five hours of video without wavering in your blue pill certainty.  If you do waver, skip to the next section and heed Denzel: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.  If you do read it, you’re misinformed.”

CNN Re-used Crisis Actor (13:14-19:00) and blue screens (19:00-25:00) .

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

Sofia Smallstorm – Unravelling Sandy Hook


Boston Un-Bombing and Orlando Pulse Club (2h51m).

Video of the Orlando event starts at 2:44.  The part after 2:51 is information I will cover in later sections.



Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL

Most of these videos are from CNN.

  • A code red drill was scheduled.
  • “They told us police officers were gonna be firing blanks to scare us, to get us trained for this.”  No drill would ever involve firing blanks inside of a school!
  • “We had rumors going around the school that the police would do a fake code-red with fake guns, not actual guns. But sounding real.”
  • “They told us they were gonna have like fake.. and people being taken away or have them scream or whatever… as a drill.”
  • A female student witness walked out of the building with Cruz, while “a second shooter” was active in a different part of the building. Maybe Cruz wasn’t the shooter at all?

A teacher saw that the shooter appeared to be a policeman, wearing full body armor and facemask.  She asked herself, “Why is the police here?”  Relevant section is :40 to 1:00.

Army people were “yelling at us to keep focus and pay attention ahead… because they didn’t want us to see the bodies that they hid in the corner.  They were putting mats over them so we wouldn’t see them.”  Were the army people  smuggling bodies into the building to stage a scene?  Then, perhaps they realized there were still kids hiding in a closet, and so they hastily attempted to hide the bodies in a corner with mats?  Then they yelled at the kids not to look at the bodies they were hiding?  What planet am I living on where people do stuff like this?


Now let’s take a look at David Hogg.  He and friends were videoing anti-gun rants and shaming legislators apparently during the shooting, while the students were “hiding”.


In a longer clip of that video, he states “this recording was taken at 9:32”, four hours before the shooting.  Daylight in the windows shows it was AM.  (Relevent section is :54-1:05)


At 1:10-1:40 in the next video, David Hogg says that he got his camera and rode his bicycle as fast as he could to school.  Some people have taken that to mean he was at home during the shooting.  I believe he had foreknowledge of the event, and raced to school that morning, anxious to begin the propaganda campaign for which he trained for years.  At 1:55-2:00, his own classmate accused him of being 25 years old.  His father happens to be retired FBI.


Here is a body language expert analyzing an interview of Hogg, on the evening of the shooting.  Ms. Bombard immediately notices that his behavior “is not normal for teenagers.” She states that he has no emotion, perhaps indicative of being a psychopath who has just had “a day at the office.”    “I don’t know what has happened in his life to make him become an adult at four.”

That interview occurred the same day that Hogg’s sister’s two best friends were shot dead.  Hogg maintains his composure and his flair for the dramatic: “We initially thought it was a drill.  It turned out to be anything but.”  “He pulled a fire alarm to get more soft targets, and so we started heading for our designated zone.”  “Little did we know at the time…”  “Luckily for the heroic actions…”  Those are quite the flourishes and stylistic turns of speech!  Those words came from a teenager who has just been massively traumatized?  How does anybody buy this garbage?

And he has campaigned relentlessly for two months!  On April 18, he called for boycotts against Blackrock and Vanguard!  I don’t even know what those companies are or how I would possibly go about boycotting them.  Second semester high school seniors are doing well if they can motivate themselves to get to school by lunchtime.

Ms. Bombard was temporarily suspended from YouTube for making that video.  Ironically, she fully believes and supports the media narrative.  Perhaps it never occurred to her that authorities and news media would be colluding to lie about this man’s identity.

Related, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzimmons began posting opposition to gun control on Facebook, only to become dead at 42.  RIP

Chapter 2 – Exploring News Media’s Co-option

A lot of people have difficulty wrapping their head around the concept that the mainstream press, such a large institution with so many trusted figures, can maintain an iron wall of deception.  How is it possible?

The CIA was created in 1947.  Starting in the early 1950’s, they began a large-scale program to take over and control our nation’s news media, under Operation Mockingbird.  That operation was exposed in 1967, and declared shut down.  Many have claimed that Operation Mockingbird was never shut down, including CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp (see the next section).

Intelligence agencies will always attempt to co-opt or infiltrate their adversaries, and news media are a natural adversary to government.  The press is supposed to expose corrupt practices and misdeeds everywhere, including the CIA.  Even if you could somehow “cancel” Operation Mockingbird, the CIA would still have a desire to take over the news media.  That desire will exist among all intelligence agencies, for all news sources, throughout the world.

The only way to stop this from happening is careful oversight to prevent it.  That kind of oversight does not exist.  Congress can’t even get documents from the FBI, much less the CIA. Operation Mockingbird, the systematic takeover of our nation’s media by the CIA, really existed, and continues to exist, and it will continue to exist unless somebody takes serious measures to stop it.

Many people can’t conceive of how the CIA, or any other organization, could secretly dominate the entire landscape of news and information.  I think people underestimate the abilities of secret organizations with nearly unlimited resources that operate above law, and are even given special privileges to manipulate the law.  They have many powerful ways to co-opt other organizations.  Let’s explore the concepts and practices of co-option.

Examples of Co-option

First, consider a couple examples of co-option.  In the 1960’s, the FBI began a covert and illegal war against the Black Panther radical movement under the aegis of COINTELPRO.  They did so by co-opting The United Slaves, a more radical and more anti-white organization.  The FBI then used the United Slaves to fight a proxy war against the Black Panthers.  This is well documented.  Here is Maoist International’s diplomatic phrasing: “Carter and Huggins’ apparent killer was Claude ‘Chuchessa’ Hubert, although George and Larry Stiner were arrested for the crime. All three were members of the cultural nationalist US organization led by Ron ‘Maulana’ Karenga. It is unclear whether Hubert, the Stiners, and Karenga were knowing agents of FBI-Cointelpro, accidental agents, or some combination of the two.”

For a more recent example, we can consider the case of Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defense League.  He began an awareness campaign about the Muslim grooming gangs which have been raping and prostituting under-age British girls in the slums of England for decades, while the police and press turned a blind eye.  Several such gangs have turned up, each responsible for raping and prostituting thousands of girls.  One girl’s account has been published in the book Please, Let Me Go.  The British government began a large multi-agency campaign to co-opt Mr. Robinson for military intelligence, or else to silence him.  They fabricated evidence, held him in jail on false charges which were later dropped, released him on bail with ridiculous bail conditions having nothing to do with the alleged crimes, and set him up to be hurt or murdered in prison by leaving him vulnerable to the violent Muslim gangs he was exposing.  The years-long campaign ruined him financially and damaged him emotionally, and during his stints in jail the EDL became increasingly radicalized and racist.  Mr. Robinson disavows racism.

Tommy Robinson has accounted these dirty dealings in a speech on the British Police State.  That speech was originally going to be given for a large audience at Oxford University, until intelligence agencies set him up on phony assault charges, holding him past the speech date, and then creating bail conditions which took away his free speech rights.  Every time he was released from jail, he was approached by intelligence services and given an option to become their puppet.  All of this happened in the U.K., a “free” Western democracy.

Military Intelligence failed to co-opt Tommy Robinson, but his story illustrates that 99% of people would have caved under that kind of pressure.  Those 99% are stories that we will not hear.

Mechanisms of Co-option

The government doesn’t need to co-opt every single member of an organization.  It only needs the leadership.  It’s even easier to co-opt corporations, compared to political groups.  Corporate executives are not ideological in nature.  And there is an extra tool in the handbag, which is to manipulate ownership.  The four main methods of co-option would be enticement, coercion, envelopment, and elimination, and in addition corporations are susceptible to change of ownership.

Enticement is the proverbial carrot in all its forms.  It’s a bag of money on your doorstep every so often.  Other perks may include favorable press coverage, press blackouts of scandals, effective immunity from legal prosecution of all crimes, and access to trafficking networks that cater to any perverted taste.  Finally, there is the possibility of advancement within a secret mafia.

Coercion is the proverbial stick.  Blackmail is an effective long-term means to control a puppet.  Death threats are obviously effective, as are threats against family members.  You also have abuse of the law: civil suit harassment (lawfare), selective prosecution for harmless infractions, trumped-up charges and planted evidence, IRS persecution, etc.  Coercion applied to one individual or organization, may create fear in many other people, who will more readily submit to co-option.  One murdered journalist silences hundreds.

Envelopment is my term for the practice of filling an organization with subversive agents, to the point that the leader is no longer in control of the organization.  Moles may join at the ground level, and attempt to rise.  Or, high-level leaders may be co-opted.  Secret cabals within organizations may gain power quickly, as the members support each other for leadership positions, and work to destroy those outside the cabal.

For an example of how this can work, consider that some conspiracy theorists believe that Reagan was an ignorant puppet.  Being dependent on the support of party establishment to get elected, he was encouraged to surround himself with corrupt figures with long histories in the CIA and the military-industrial complex.  These corrupt lieutenants may have taken actions beyond their authority, or given the president dishonest or partial information.  They could have manipulated the president into decisions that served the interest of the cabal.

Another possible example of envelopment would be if MI6 had hypothetically infiltrated the EDL during Robinson’s jail time.  When he came out, his legendary status still made him the undisputed leader of that club.  But the organization’s nature had drifted far from his desired direction, and the organization became useless to him.  He had to leave and start on his own.

Elimination is any means of removing a leader that can’t be otherwise co-opted.  It can be through murder, coercion that results in the resignation, or any other means.  One example of this is the way that Senator Ted Stevens was forced out of the senate by fraudulent corruption charges.  He later died in a plane crash.  RIP

Another possible example of elimination might be former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.  At the 100th birthday party of his longtime friend and colleague Senator Thurmond, Mr. Lott made some friendly and flattering remarks.  These words were then bizarrely twisted into evidence of racism.  This claim, ridiculous on its face, is even more egregious considering that Democrat Robert “Cyclops” Byrd was serving his second of three stints as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  That role is as coveted as the Majority Leader, because it is able to manipulate all forms of corrupt and wasteful spending while avoiding the scrutiny of Senate leadership.   Is it more racist to say nice things at a 100th birthday party, or to be a recruiter for the Klu Klux Klan, and to earn within that organization the high ranks of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops?  I personally like people who say nice things on birthdays more than I like the leadership of the Klu Klux Klan.

But truth and common sense don’t matter, when you’re able to orchestrate a relentless and unending campaign of public slander through the news media.  Republican rank and file eventually relented, calling for Lott’s resignation.  Lott’s replacement in Senate leadership may have been more amenable to the secret mafia’s demands.  Theoretically, that might have completed a co-option of the Republican Senate faction by the technique of elimination.

These well-known examples are only hypothetical.  I’m illustrating that co-option campaigns can take many forms.  Agents who specialize in subversion are creative enough to find methods we don’t typically think about.

If an intelligence agency managed to co-opt a news media corporation’s executive and boards of directors and advisors, it would likely be permanent.  These groups essentially elect each other, except in cases of shareholder revolts.

Powerful mafia may also apply financial pressure to the press through advertiser boycotts.  Politicians can apply “information boycotts” that can ruin the careers of journalists, who are dependent on access to information to write valuable stories.  The threats and applications of these boycotts may create pressure on journalists to self-censor, and to slant their articles the “correct” way.

Another avenue of co-opting corporations comes from ownership.  Buying a controlling share of the stock of a publicly owned corporation is within the means of the wealthiest people in this world.  It could also be a joint effort among a cartel.  Shareholder votes can then install puppet leadership.

Mergers could wipe out independent companies completely.  Those companies can then be de-mergered at some later point, and seeded with corrupt executives and boards.  Six corporations own 90% of American media.  I am not optimistic that the remaining 10% are independent and uncorrupted.

The 1995 documentary A Noble Lie describes the co-option buyout of Channel 4 in Oklahoma City, the only station which reported on the bombing truthfully: “Channel 4 KFOR-TV did perform it’s duty by reporting on McVeigh’s accomplices, the evidence of prior warnings, and many other aspects of the case.  The New York Times Broadcasting Company purchased KFOR a year after the bombing.  The programming director was fired.  The lead journalist on the bombing, Jaina Davis, was let go.  And all reporting that contradicted the government vanished.” (At 39:40).

Besides the CIA, the news media could also be co-opted through ownership by banking interests, by allies of George Soros, or by someone else.

There are means to gain control of the news media.  There is evidence that the news media are not independent.  Don’t dismiss the evidence.

Examples of News as Propaganda

  • Sheryl Attkisson has exposed the practice of Astroturfing. This presentation should be used in educational settings, where many students are learning to do their research through Wikipedia and other online sources.
  • The DNC is able to orchestrate news media outlets which they term their “press shop”, according to Hillary’s Wikileaks emails.
  • The news media are instructed to use specific phrasing, as seen in the “power through” montage.  The relevant section is 1m30s to 3m00s.
  • Local news stations are not independent. They exist to build trust with viewers and deliver propaganda.


Personal Testimony

I came to the conclusion that the news media were fundamentally fraudulent in 2014.  I did not have access to any particular “red pill.”  At that time, I did not know about Mockingbird, and I had no idea how it could be possible for news media to be fully corrupted.  Nevertheless, I initiated a major lifestyle change, and I completely stopped viewing all forms of political and news opinion.

Many people consider talk radio and Fox News as the voice of opposition to the entrenched corruption.  They are not.  They are a combination of useful idiots and co-opted stooges.  They are generally more sensible than the radical left media, but they endlessly engage in stupid debates and issues, while ignoring the real problems of corruption and fraud.  Perhaps they just don’t have the investigative resources to gather any real information.  (What would honest, truthful reporting look like?  Something like Howie Carr calling for the abolition of the FBI.)

My personal awakening resulted from years of accumulated frustration with the news media. In 2014 there were two things in particular, two straws that broke the camel’s back.  First, was a truly insightful article by Victor Davis Hanson, Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government.  He lists some of the major scandals, for which there were no resignations or repercussions of any kind.  He also describes how statistical data on GDP, unemployment rate, and deportation levels have been manipulated by the government agencies responsible for reporting them.

But Mr. Hanson does not take the next logical step.  The reason that the government can get away with this level of fraud and criminal behavior is that the press does not inform the public of the truth, even when it is public domain information.  Rather, the American press parrots the fraudulent statistics, in an effort to shape a public opinion divergent from reality.  Mr. Hanson should have written an article titled “Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government and News Media.”

Next came an event that forever changed how I perceived the world I live in.  Obama’s health reform became effective, four years after it had been passed into law and available for review.  For four years, conservative media and Republicans had been warning that Americans would lose their existing healthcare plans.  For four years Obama, Democrats, and the media had been calling them liars.  Keep in mind that many of Obama’s thirty-six repetitions of falsehood came after the law was passed.


I fully expected the final revolt of the American public and press.  It should have been clear Obama is a massive fraud, who has been negotiating with the American voters in fundamentally bad faith.

Instead, the journalists treated this as no big deal.  It was just another unfortunate lie that we all have to live with.  At that point, it finally dawned on me that the news media are not independent.  They are corrupt.

I had to personally boycott all forms of mass information in order to maintain my sanity.  Behind an informational iron curtain, I knew that all forms of corrupt practices would certainly be taking place.    And yet I did not have even the slightest notion of how bad things really are.

Chapter 3 – CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Explains the Shadow Government, the Deep State, and the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

What is President Eisenhower’s military industrial complex?

What are President Kennedy’s secret societies?

What is Senator Inouye’s shadow government? Relevant section is 0:37 to 1:30.


Kevin Shipp’s three hour lecture on the deep state and shadow government answers these questions better than anything else I have found.

He only briefly mentions Mockingbird, but he does mention it.  He says it is still ongoing.


Chapter 4 – QAnon’s Secret War – The Biggest Story in History which the Media Hides from You

Since October 28 of 2017, President Trump’s top staff have been posting on the message board with the signature “Q,” representing the highest level of security clearance in the US government.  It is like his second, unofficial twitter account.

He’s been dropping bombshells, one after another.  Many of the bombshells have already proven true.  But even if all the rest are a complete lie, the fact that Trump is making these shocking accusations would be massively newsworthy.  The news media failing to inform the public is evidence of fraud by omission.  Actually, the media has informed the public, only they misinformed, as usual.  See the hit-pieces in the Washington Post and New York Times.

Mr. Trump has confirmed the authenticity of QAnon a dozen times in many ways.  My personal favorite was by changing his jersey number from the traditional 45 for his presidency, to 17 for the letter Q.


Besides the trivial confirmations, we also have the significant ones.

  • The general level of hysteria in the media and slander towards Trump is proof. If you don’t know about the secret war, it would be preposterous.  When you realize that all those slandering him are either facing jail time, or working for someone who will face jail time, it makes sense.  And all will be exposed for the frauds that they are.
  • 24,500 Sealed Indictments as of April 12. The typical number is apparently 1,000 a year.  Sealed indictments are used against organized crime, to allow enforcement to continue pursuing connections.
  • The Saudia Arabian coup, which Q Anon predicted. This is part of Trump’s world-wide strategy to fight the globalist mafia: Saudi Arabia->USA->Asia->Europe->Israel.  Let it not be said he lacks ambition.
  • The number of congressional Republicans who are not seeking reelection. Trump states that these congressman were compromised and have taken the easy way out by not seeking re-election.
    • Bob Corker. Charlie Dent. Jeff Flake. Lynn Jenkins. Sam Johnson. Raul Labrador. Frank LoBiondo. Tim Murphy. Most recently Paul Ryan.  (Trey Gowdy?  Say it ain’t so..)

QAnon does admit that he provides some disinformation to confuse his enemies, but generally he has been pretty reliable.  Here’s a sampling of the bombshells that QAnon has dropped.

  • On the tarmac Bill Clinton persuaded Loretta Lynch not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. In exchange, Lynch would receive a Supreme Court nomination.
  • ISIS and North Korea, and possibly Iran, have been receiving support from the corrupt shadow government, i.e. the CIA. The shadow government likes war.
  • There is a Republican congressman who is so evil we can’t say his name. Use noname or mcstain.  The patriots in the secret war are referred to as wizards and warlocks.
  • 70% of congress is corrupt. Nearly all Democrats and many Republicans.  Many enter congress with modest means, and within a year or two they have multi-million dollar estates.
  • Every president has been corrupt since JFK, except Reagan.
  • Election fraud is common via computer voting machines.
  • The “big 3” of the worldwide network of mafias and corrupt governments are led by Saudi Arabia (now in disarray), Rothschilds, and Soros.
  • Trump’s biggest ally is the military. He also points us to his recent executive orders which include
    • Changes to military tribunals.
    • A restatement of an earlier order, which allows that the military shall be used against enemies of the state wherever they are.
    • This indicates he may use the military to arrest and prosecute the mafia, if too much of our nation’s enforcement and judicial systems are compromised.
  • Social media companies are CIA fronts to spy on and control the population.
    • The Pentagon’s LifeLog project was cancelled the same time as Facebook’s founding.
  • The pope is a bad guy.
  • Obama would get around restrictions of spying on American citizens by having Five Eyes countries do the spying, then share the intelligence.  The favors are likewise returned.  Five Eyes are USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Obama implanted allied country’s espionage equipment into the White House, and also a weapon of some kind.
  • Alison Mack, facing charges for her involvement with sex cult NXIVM, revealed that Obama and a very young blonde have had an ongoing relationship since she was ten at least.  Her nickname is “Wendy.”

QAnon writes cryptically.  I don’t recommend attempting to read his posts directly.  My favorite blogger to explain Q posts is

On 4/13/2018, Trump managed to get Twitter to stop censoring certain keywords and asked followers of QAnon to start a meme war.  This indicates he wants the public to wake up, so he can escalate the secret war into the public domain.

Chapter 5 – The Bankster Scam in Europe, Haiti, and Elsewhere – Charities, NGO’s, Mafia, Corruption, Currency Manipulation and Sex Trafficking

Southeast Europe

An anonymous researcher has compiled an incredibly well-researched and documented account of how western banks, governments, and NGO’s conspired to turn southeast Europe into a mafia-run hell-hole where children are sold and women forced into prostitution.  It’s remarkable he was able to piece it together from so many disparate online records.  Here is the summary in his words:

Communist countries get overthrown by Soros-backed globalists that install puppet heads of state. The IMF blackmails these now-broke countries into accepting many laws, namely privatizing and decentralizing every sector (including child care). The puppet president accepts this aid which is akin to a payday loan scam. This action promptly sends the economy into a downward spiral and people become poor. These same globalists (many of whom are likely pedos) sit aboard “charities,” who then accept tons of aid money to overhaul the local laws. Once all of the marketable healthy babies are sold at a high price, the foreign heads of these “charities” then wine and dine corrupt, low-salaried local officials with who are dying to make extra money, and both parties squander a shit-ton of aid money, (little of which ultimately goes to the kids). They also send local government officials on lavish trips to Italy, and invite “businessmen” from the community to “come and spend time with the kids.” In tandem with said local officials, they develop a “de-institutionalization scheme,” which really means introducing a foster care program and building small “family-centric” homes where one person watches 10 or so kids. In conflict regions, the Trusts manages reallocating the refugees.


**UPDATE – 4/19 The voat server went down.  I’m updating blog links to the wayback machine.

EveryChild is a Child Trafficking Front Part 18 (Links to parts 1-17)

Part 19 – need links



The scary thing about the last section is that it was not only about Eastern Europe.  Section 6 explained how this is a pattern that occurred in waves: “The first wave of trafficking was Thai and Philippino; second, Ghana and Nigeria; third, Columbia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.”  Eastern Europe became the fourth wave, and it seems that Haiti was next up on the list.  From the Overview:

In fact, Save the Children is another big fish: It ties in more with the American establishment… but given its size, there was too much “noise” in the data despite running identical objectives and missions as Everychild. But if you believe anything of what I write here, this is THE next place to look—it’s who Clinton tied up with for their children-related work in Haiti, which we all know stole tons of money (and I argue, children).

For anyone that missed Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash in 2016, it’s time to catch up.  Of course, every American should know that the Clintons sold our foreign policy and Uranium to the highest bidder.  Of relevance here, it documents how they never built the homes they raised money for.


Besides the Clinton Foundation’s two billion dollar disappearing act, the Red Cross lost five hundred million, and many other “charities” were involved.  Oxfam employees are raping children and forcing them to engage in bestiality. (“Caligula orgy” is a euphemism.)   The primary contribution of the UN seems to have been to start a cholera epidemic.  Many believe the cholera was intended, so that the thousands of dead could have their well-preserved organs removed and sold for profit.

The scope and the details of the corruption have not been documented by the fraudulent news media, but we do have this tidbit.  The Clinton’s worked overtime to cover up the trafficking of 33 children, and to nullify Laura Silsby’s prosecution.  Many of these children were not orphans.  Some were bought from their parents, others were kidnapped.  Hillary’s WikiLeaks emails show the original goal had been to kidnap 100 children.

The cover is that they were going to find orphans and build an orphanage.  But you don’t take children across borders when funds for the orphanage haven’t even been raised, much less construction started, and they aren’t even orphans.  The destination was a rented hotel in the Dominican Republic.  As stated above, the Dominican Republic is already a center for human trafficking, and the children could have more easily entered the marketplace from there.  The kidnapper and international child trafficker Laura Silsby, having escaped justice thanks to the Clintons, changed her name to Laura Graylor and became a vice president for alertsense, a company that sells emergency alert systems to governments, including Amber Alert notifications. You can’t make this stuff up.  If the reward for kidnapping children, getting arrested, scandalizing and shaming our country is to be promoted to Vice President of Marketing, I wonder what would have been the reward for successful delivery.

Human trafficking was only part of the picture of course.  Stealing and laundering aid money is an important goal in itself.  The corrupt, indebted government imposed upon Haiti will be compelled to sell off its gold deposits.  Human rights lawyer Ezili Danto explains how the “charity-industrial complex” is a front for UN military occupation under the direction of the Clinton Foundation.


There is irony that the only way I was able to hear from Ms. Danto is through Russia’s news channel. Supposedly Russia has a controlled media and supposedly we have a free media.  It’s also ironic that the RT host was so skeptical about Danto’s claims considering that Russia banned NGO’s in 2015, and ended foreign adoptions of Russian children in 2012 out of fear for the children’s safety.  As have countries around the world.


Chapter 6 – Occult Satanism and Ritual Abuse

In this chapter, we are referring to “Satanism” as any cult which involves the ritual abuse of people.  There may be one major worldwide cult that does this, or there may be many separate cult sects with somewhat different beliefs.  They may or may not use the word Satan to describe themselves.  We don’t know the scope or hierarchical structure of these cults.  But we have very much evidence that these cults do exist, and that they hurt people.

We are not talking about followers of Anton LeVay’s Satanic Bible.  Mr. Levay’s tenets specifically prohibit harming children and nonconsensual activity.  LaVey-ian Satanists are atheistic, hedonistic groups of swingers.  There are rockers who use satanic imagery for effect, or for fantasy, but don’t advocate harming anyone.  And there may be occult rituals in masonic temples that don’t hurt anyone.  Any of these mentioned groups may also be infiltrated by some number of people who follow violent Satanism, as any group in society may be infiltrated by violent Satanists.  That minority doesn’t necessarily implicate guilt of the entire group.

We need to start discussing how to expose secret cults which hurt and kill people.  To do that, we need a word to describe them.  Perhaps in the future we will invent a more specific word.  For now we call it Satanism.

Thelema and the Writings of Aleister Crowley

People know that Aleister Crowley has had some influence on society, and that he was some kind of literary or pseudo-spiritual figure from the early 20th century.  He is one of the many pop culture faces to appear on the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Most people dismiss Crowley as superstition that they don’t care about, like palm-reading or astrology.

Mr. Crowley’s teachings are nothing like palm-reading.  They are the Bible of an evil cult religion, a hundred times worse than Scientology.  Aleister Crowley became the leader of the Ordo Templi Orientis, which was something akin to a Freemasonry sect.  He then supplanted the religious aspects of the organization with his own cult teachings.  He called his cult Thelema, which we can consider a branch or sect of Satanism.

In this section I will be quoting from Magic in Theory and Practice.  We can already learn from the title an insight into their practices.  Is it theory, or is it practice?  There is ambiguity there, and behind that ambiguity he can discuss vile acts, declaring it to be “theory.”  His followers will know it is practice.  Deception is a fundamental characteristic of Satanism, because it is the only way they can exist in a society that would lynch them if their evil were exposed.

The Wikipedia entry declares that the central tenet of Thelema is stated in Liber AL as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”  Contrast this to Christianity and Judaism, which stand on the Ten Commandments as the basis of all law.  One of those Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not murder.”  Thelema has stated the “whole of the Law,” and it didn’t include a prohibition of murder.  Therefore Thelema allows murder.

On page 93, Crowley specifically advocates cannibalism and child sacrifice (p. 77 in pdf):

“It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary, and devour them while yet warm.  …That any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character.  At the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly. 

“The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, … so that its energy cannot escape… For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose the greatest and purest force.  A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

Among the Appendices, LIBER XV describes in some detail how to correctly perform the rituals of the O.T.O.  Several of these require virgins.  On page 264 we find “The Ceremony of the opening of the Veil,” a sex ceremony wherein a virgin is ritualistically deflowered.  Children are a part of this ceremony, at the least as observers:

“He thrones the PRIESTESS upon the altar.  The DEACON and the children follow… The children replace their weapons on their respective altars… the PREISTESS must have divested herself completely of her robe… The PRIEST parts the veil with his Lance…”

I’ve spared the disgusting parts.  Keep in mind this is a secret society, and there may be even more reprehensible rituals that they didn’t openly publish.  It’s also worth asking where they will get their supply of virgins.

From page 90 (pdf page 136):

“Only the Master of the Temple [Satan] can say whether any given act is a crime.  ‘Slay that innocent child?’  (I hear the ignorant say) ‘What a horror!’ ‘Ah!’ replies the Knower, with foresight of history, ‘but that child will become Nero.  Hasten to strangle him!’

“There is a third, above these, who understands that Nero was as necessary as Julius Cesar.”

Crowley declares that it’s not wrong to kill innocent children.  In fact, perceiving horror at the strangling of babies is a sign of ignorance.

The historic figure, Emperor Nero allowed much of his city to burn and many people died.  A popular theory is that Nero himself gave the order to destroy Rome.   So if a follower of Thelema were put in the position of a ruler, he may consider it ‘necessary’ to destroy his own nation, and would not feel any horror at that thought.  If he did experience horror at the thought of genocide against his own people, that would also be ignorance.

These are the published teachings of a man who was known to have a significant following.  What happened to these sociopaths?  Did their children follow in the footsteps of their parents?

When we look at serial killer sociopaths, we often think they have some kind of brain defect.  But through child abuse, people can also be turned into sociopaths.  It is often said many people who were abused as children will grow up and repeat the cycle on their own children.  People brought up in cults do not find it easy to leave them.  The grandchildren of the followers of Crowley may still be practicing Thelema.

Relationship of Satanism to Historical Idol Worship

Religions are successful because they cater to fundamental human nature.  The way our brains interpret and understand society is, to some degree, hardwired.  Thus similar patterns are found across many religions, and across many myths, across cultures and throughout social history.

Human sacrifice is one of those patterns.  In ancient history, we are hard-pressed to find any area of the world where it didn’t occur.  The Aztecs performed one every twenty days.  Cannibalism was also widespread.  The word comes from Caribbean tribes, and was openly practiced in certain Pacific Islands and African jungles until quite recently.  There must be some desire for these behaviors deep in the human psyche.  The laws of Satanism remove all social constraints and laws, and allow indulging any desires.  In that context, it’s inevitable that some people will begin to manifest their desires to murder and cannibalize.

Sociopaths are motivated primarily by a desire to control and gain power over other people.  Rape and murder are, for some, ultimate expressions of power.  Cannibalism is another expression of power, and also of absorbing power.  Crowley explains that eating fresh organs is associated with gaining the life essence of the dead.  Drinking blood, and sacrificing humans, is associated in the minds of Satanists with gaining for themselves magical and demonic powers.  Magic might not be casting spells, but rather gaining luck, or invincibility, i.e. gaining the favor of the gods.

Another practice that we sometimes think of as a kind of “brain defect” is pedophilia.  Yet there have been cultures in history where pedophilia and pederasty were widely accepted and widely practiced.  Was there some chemical in the water that turned people into pedophiles?  The human brain may be much more amenable to pedophilia than we like to think.  Because the practice is socially forbidden, our brain builds internal walls that prevent these desires from being expressed.  In peer groups that allow or encourage this behavior, a much larger percentage of the population would probably manifest these desires.

It may be that sects of evil cults have persisted in Western society through the ages.  Or perhaps sociopathic cults in modern times have resurrected ancient practices.  In Polanski’s The Ninth Circle, we learn that Satanists are obsessed with ancient occult teachings, which may hold the key to ultimate power.  Modern satanic cults may not have an unbroken lineage with ancient practices, but they may attempt to recreate those practices, and to worship gods by the same names.

Comparison of Satanism and Scientology

We characterize Satanism from relatively sparse information, making it difficult to form a mental picture.  I think the most similar religion to Satanism is Scientology.  By looking at how Scientology manifests, which is more publicly known, we can begin to imagine how Satanism might operate.

We know they are similar from empirical observation.  Both have hold arcane knowledge as the ultimate goal to becoming gods, they indoctrinate fanatics who are incredibly secretive and deceptive, they utilize hypnotic techniques, and they both manage to persist despite being ostracized generally.  The similarities are not coincidental.

Ron Hubbard used Crowley-style Satanism, combined with psychology, as foundations for Scientology. Jon Atack states “The origins of Scientology are in Aleister Crowley’s Magick”, who Hubbard claims was his “very good friend.”  Actually they weren’t good friends – Crowley saw that Hubbard’s participation in the rituals was a “confidence trick,” and warned against him.  It was too late; Hubbard had participated in occult rituals and learned the cult’s secrets.

Hubbard’s writings consist of confusing, bizarre, endlessly complicated cosmology and techno-babble, while Crowley has his infinite demonic pantheon and tortuous spirituo-babble.  Forcing oneself to attempt to make sense of the nonsensical language, and to think in terms of made up words and concepts, is a form of brainwashing.  It conditions a person to stop using logic, and to surrender his preconceived concepts and knowledge.  It teaches him to speak in a limited language that only allows limited personal expression.  The use of trance induction and hypnotic techniques also contributes to the brainwashing and the complete re-orientation of a person’s life around the religion.

In the 1970’s, it was discovered that Scientologists had secretly infiltrated the federal government, particularly the IRS which was attempting to tax it as a for-profit organization: “This was nothing new.  The GO had been placing ‘plants’ in organizations perceived to be hostile for some years.”  Satanists might be expected to infiltrate law enforcement, courts, and the press, all of which would be naturally hostile to their criminal behavior.

Scientologists are known to work hard to recruit powerful and influential people, especially in the entertainment industry, and this is believed to be a satanic practice as well.  Just as scientology has lower orders of new recruits who take orders from a rigid hierarchy, new people recruited into Satanism are probably not full members.  The leaderships of the cults use the lower orders as puppets.

Some scientologists openly proclaim and evangelize for their faith, while others go undercover.  Satanism seems almost entirely undercover.  A few people do wear satanic symbols, but they don’t openly admit what the symbols mean.

Another difference is that scientology, like Christianity, is an evangelical religion that openly invites people to join.  In terms of recruiting, Satanism may be more like Judaism.  To extend Satanism to all people would be to destroy its value.  They will certainly recruit, but only when the recruited person has enough personal influence and assets to bring to the elite club.  Every new member brings more risk of exposure, so the new member must be worth that risk.

Scientology harasses, threatens, and uses lawfare against their enemies, who they dehumanize as “squirrels” and “suppressive persons.”  (These are the terms from Atack’s accounts.  They may use new words currently.)  Anyone who speaks against the cult, particularly apostates who know their secrets, is a mortal enemy.  Scientologists typically avoid murder.  It seems they push the boundaries of the law but don’t break it, probably because the church has significant assets which they could lose under RICO prosecution. There is little doubt the cultists are fanatical enough to murder for the cause if they felt it necessary.

Satanism may not hate their accusers like scientologists, but any criminal mafia seeks to murder those who can witness against them.  Because they are already guilty of the highest crimes, they would not hesitate to murder.

In the early stages, Scientology spread very rapidly all over the world. In less than thirty years, it gained significant followings in almost every wealthy western democracy.  The leadership directs expansion to wealthy countries, because it seeks financial gains.  We can also expect Satanism to expand first into wealthy countries.  If scientology is any indication, dedicated cults don’t find it difficult to expand quickly.

Imagine a person who I would describe as a typical, if fervent, Scientologist: fanatical, relentlessly pursuing the church’s goals, distrusting of or even hostile towards non-members, indoctrinating their children, disowning non-compliant family, and being deceptive and aggressive towards their enemies.  And they could be your next door neighbor, looking normal except perhaps for the unblinking, wide-eyed stare that some Scientologists acquire.  Now imagine he also happens to be a serial killer, who enjoys raping children and eating human flesh in his spare time. That would be a Satanist.  The church of Satan constitutes an army of people like that.

Both Scientology and Satanism are so bizarre that you wouldn’t believe in them, if you didn’t know it for a fact.  The news media doesn’t talk about Satanism, so many people don’t know the facts, and they don’t believe in it.

Evidence of Ritual Crimes

The most widespread evidence comes from psychologists who help people recover from the trauma of ritual child abuse.  They can speak about it without exposing the victims, who are afraid to speak publicly.  A 2007 study of 2,709 American psychologists showed that 30% of those surveyed report having seen at least one reported case of ritual abuse.

That already demonstrates nearly 1,000 victims.  We would expect the occurrences to be in geographical clusters, so those 30% of psychologists may have treated many victims each.  Many more victims don’t go to psychologists, and of course victims of child sacrifice and murder will not be counted.  The survey also found that child victims tend to go to authorities but not to psychologists.  And this survey did not include all the psychologists in the country.   I would say the victims must number in tens of thousands at least.  Of the adult victims, 33% reported cannibalism and 28% reported baby breeding for human sacrifice.

That paper also looked at cases of British child sexual abuse, and found that 13% of those cases were ritualized crime.  Besides rituals, Satanists victimize people in other contexts as well, so the total harm to society is much greater than indicated by the surveys that only count rituals.

Among psychologists who specialize in multiple personality disorder, 88% believe that ritual abuse also includes mind control, or mind programming.  When a child is abused, his consciousness dissociates, making him extremely vulnerable to “mind control” through hypnotic suggestion.  Normal hypnotic trances leave the conscious mind subdued but still able to resist suggestion if desired.  Dissociation does not allow the conscious mind to interfere in the process of hypnotic programming.  The child will also repress the memory of the events, and be unable to report his abuse.

Here’s a list of convictions from the 80’s and 90’s.

Jimmy Savile is a well-known British actor on children’s programs, sort of like Mr. Rogers, who was found to have abused at least 950 children.  At least two victims claim that the abuse occurred during satanic rituals.  (If you search for “Savile Satanism,” you will find many articles “debunking” this claim without referring to these accusers.)

Geraldo’s famous 1988 Satan’s Underground (1h52m).  Geraldo did both a great and terrible thing here.  He gave a national voice to a town where many parents suffered having their children taken away, to psychologists who have had to help many patients recovering from Satanic abuse, to ex-“breeders” who were forced to have children for sacrifice, and to children who testify they were being instructed to murder other children.  Then he polluted that message with Ozzy Osbourne, the daughter of LaVey, an incident where three metal fans went nuts, a weird sketchy guy in a stairwell, and more garbage.  Many viewers will see this mix of alarming and useless information and dismiss the whole show.

Geraldo’s special was one of the highest-rated segments in history for its morning time slot, and yet he could find no advertisers, and he never followed up on it.  Why did advertisers boycott it?  Why not follow up?  Perhaps the point of the special was to stop anyone else from looking into it.  TV stations learned the lesson that they will not be able to get advertisers if they produce shows on Satanism.  I, however, am grateful that Geraldo put these witness testimonies into the public domain, something no other journalist has done.

In 2017, Dutch banker Ronald Bernard revealed that he had been asked to engage in ritual child murder.  When he refused, he was forced out of the industry and physically tortured.  He also explains how the higher he rose in banking, the more he was involved with unethical and illegal activities such as currency manipulation and money laundering.  This is not only evidence that Satanism exists, but also that it may be prevalent among elite bankers.  He claims there are around eight thousand bankers at the highest level who, for the most part, control the entire industry, and that entrance into that club requires killing children.  One man’s witness is not conclusive evidence against thousands, but it is cause for concern.


Popular Culture

Convicted rapist Roman Polanski’s Johnny Depp vehicle The Ninth Circle is the Pilgrim’s Progress of how to be a successful sociopathic Satanist, complete with a reference to international trafficking of child prostitutes.

Another Depp feature, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, introduces the public to the cannibalistic practice of processing the human adrenal gland into a recreational drug called adrenochrome. (The reference is in the first seconds of the video.)

Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut not only gives us a peak of the elite orgies, but makes us feel the fear of death at the hands of a large and powerful secret mafia.  Of course, it includes a reference to child prostitution.  Kubrick died five days after screening the final cut.

Here’s Lady Gaga celebrating cannibalism with satanic artist Marina Abramovic.  This is fake cannibalism, which they deem “art.”



And, finally, let’s use Miss Abramovic to once again make the connection between Satanism and pedophilia.